Terms of use



These terms of use (the "Terms") set forth the procedures as well as the terms and conditions for donating clothes ("Clothes" or "Clothing") on Vinvo.me (the "Website").

Vinvo.me is operated by Vinvo.me Ltd., ("Vinvo"), a company incorporated in Israel, with a registered address at 35 Bar Kochva, Tel Aviv, Israel. 

For questions/comments or complaints, please contact us via email: [email protected] or via 'contact us' on Vinvo's website. 

By utilizing the Vinvo's services user hereby confirms that it agree with these Terms, which include: (a) the General Terms and Conditions appended hereto below ("T&C") and (b) Vinvo's Privacy Policy, which can be located here: Privacy Policy(the "Privacy Policy").

Vinvo will require certain personal and identifiable information in order to enable use of the Website and the Store (as defined below) and in accordance with the Privacy Policy.  For Donators (as defined below), this will include name, phone number, mobile number, address and emails. For Purchasers (as defined below), this will include name, phone number, address, email, date of birth, IP address as well as credit card/paypal account (but which will not be not stored). 

Vinvo may update and change these Terms, the T&C and Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes in the applicable laws and regulations or for other commercial reasons. It is incumbent upon any user to visit the Website regularly to review and ensure it is familiar with the most of up-to-date versions.

  • General
    1. Donation: Vinvo's online store (the "Store") enables a person to donate (each a "Donator") and/or purchase (each a "Purchaser") the Clothing donated (each a "Donation") by choosing one of two methods detailed below. The proceeds of a Donation are divided among Vinvo and a Donator's suggested Charity (as defined below), as set forth in these Terms. A Donator will have a separate closet (a "Closet") where it can view the donated Clothing.
    2. Transfer of Title to Clothes: Ownership of any Clothes donated is transferred by the Donator to the Purchaser upon completion of the Donation (i.e. payment of the price by the Purchaser). At no time during the Donation process is ownership of the Clothes transferred to Vinvo.  Vinvo merely stores and ships the Clothes on behalf of the Donator.
    3. Removal: Vinvo reserves the right to decline or cancel a registration or an account at any time. All donated Clothing will be donated by Vinvo to a Charity of its choice.
    4. Disclaimer: Vinvo does its best to control over the quality, safety, morality, or legality of the Clothes listed, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of Donator to donate Clothes, or the ability of Purchaser to remit the price for each Donation.  Vinvo takes no responsibility with respect to any of the aforementioned. Without derogating to the above: Except as stated in these Terms, (i)Vinvo does not pre-screen users of the Site, any information provided by them and/or Clothes. (ii)Vinvo may, at its sole discretion, determine which items of Clothes that are uploaded are fit for a Donation. (iii) Vinvo may, at its sole discretion, remove any items of Clothes that it determines are not fit for Donation and/or are not uploaded properly per these Terms. (iv) Vinvo may, at its own discretion, determine which items are unfit for Donation and have them delivered to a Charity or otherwise recycled. 
    5. Sole user: Your account and your Closet is for the specific Donator only and may not be transferred or used by a third party without Vinvo's prior written authorization. 
  • How to Donate
      1. Method of Donation: Vinvo chooses a timeframe when clothes donations are done. Vinvo decides on which days it is possible to bring clothes donations in its office located on Bar Kochva 35, Tel Aviv. 
  • Choosing a Charity: Donator is to choose a charity from Vinvo's current 'list of charities' (each a "Charity"). If the Donator wishes to use a charity not in the list, Donator may request said charity to contact Vinvo and Vinvo, may, at its discretion, add said charity to its list. It is clarified that Vinvo may update its list of charities from time to time. Vinvo may, at its discretion, choose a different Charity than the one initially chosen by the Donator. 
  • Finalizing Donations and Fees: 
    1. Vinvo charges a 40% fee commission on each sale. The balance less additional costs and expenses that Vinvo may incur will be remitted to the charity chose by the Donator
    2. Vinvo reserves the right to revise its fees in the future. Any such revisions shall apply to future sales, regardless of when the Clothing was uploaded to the Website. 
    3. Tax receipt are issued under the name of Vinvo and can only be used by Vinvo. 
    4.  Vinvo will deliver the Clothing purchased.
  • Choosing Clothes to Donate; Quality Control
      1. Permitted items.
        1. For women: (i) clothing: dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, jumpers, jackets, suits, shirts; (ii) shoes: boots, flats, heels, platforms, sandals, trainers/sneakers, wedges; (iii) accessories: scarves, hats, gloves, sunglasses, belts, purses, bags; (iv) wedding dresses; bridesmaids dresses; and (v) swimsuits and related clothing.
        2. For men: (i) clothing: tops, bottoms, jumpers, jackets, suits, shirts; (ii) shoes: trainers/sneakers, loafers, formal, boots, sandals; and (iii) accessories: bags, belts, hats, scarves, gloves, ties, wallets, sunglasses.
  • For babies and children: clothing: dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, jumpers, jackets, pajamas, bodysuits, bathing suits, blankets, swaddles (only new). 
  • Prohibited items
      1. Company branded items; 
      2. tailored shirts;
      3. underwear; lingerie
      4. jeweler; watches; 
      5. technology; mobile phones; tablets;
      6. homeware; bric-a-brac;
      7. Perfume, cosmetics; 
      8. counterfeit items.
  1. Vinvo Quality Control
    1. Vinvo will inspect the Clothing prior to uploading it to the Website. Clothing that does not meet the Criteria will be donated by Vinvo to a Charity of Vinvo's choosing.
    2. Once Clothing has been approved, Vinvo will send Donator a link to its Closet where it can see the Clothing and its status. 
    3. Without derogating from its rights under these terms, Vinvo is entitled to question the authenticity of an item of Clothing and request confirmation of the authenticity of the item. Upon such request, Donator will be required to show proof of purchase/ownership. If authenticity cannot be confirmed to Vinvo's satisfaction, Vinvo reserves the right to refuse to upload or to remove the item, as applicable. If the S&H Service was chosen, the item in question will be donated to a Charity of Vinvo's choosing while noting the authenticity concerns.
    4. For the avoidance of doubt, Clothing that does not pass Vinvo's quality control process, will be donated by Vinvo to a Charity of its choosing. 
  • Returns 
  • 1.  An article of Clothing may be returned by a Purchaser, within the time period set forth below and in accordance with Vinvo's 'return policy'  (Returned Clothes). 
  • 1.2.  Upon receipt of the Returned Clothes, Vinvo will cancel the pending donation to the Charity and the Purchaser, will either (a) if the notice of return from the Purchaser was received within 48 hours of delivery, be refunded the amount paid in the same manner in which the donation was remitted, all in accordance with applicable law, or (b) if the notice of return from the Purchaser was received later than 48 hours of delivery but up to 5 days of delivery be provided with credit for use on the Website for a period of 6 months from the receipt of said Store credit.     
  • 1.3.  Depending on the reason for the return and condition of the item, Vinvo may, at its discretion, donate the Returned Clothes to a Charity of its choice or return to the Donator's Closet.
  • Delivery: 
    Packages are prepared no later than 72hours after the order has been received. Deliveries are made either by the Israeli post office (registered mail) or by Speedush, according to the buyer's choice. When choosing Israeli post (registered mail), the delivery can take up to 21 business days. When choosing Speedush, the delivery can take up to 7 business days.

    Vinvo does not take responsibility for any delay in the delivery caused by a third party carrier, by loss of the package by the carrier or/and when caused by wars, weather, strike, national disaster, and any other case of force majeure 

  • Donator warranty

By making a Donation, Donator hereby represents and warrant that: (i) Donator has full title to the Clothes and/or that Donator have been properly authorized to sell and/or donate the Clothes by the true owner; (ii) Donator is permitted and able to transfer full ownership to the Clothes free from any third party claims or liabilities; (iii) there are no claims relating to ownership or title of the Clothes; (iv) to your best knowledge the Clothes are authentic and genuine. 

  • Data Protection. Vinvo will gather and process any and all personal and other information in accordance with its privacy policy, which can be located here: Privacy Policy